About usczk

About us
  • Bollug LTD LLC started to act as wholesale center in 1993. In a short time, it has become a production-distribution company selected its name in the food sector with production factories and professional sales-marketing organization.

    The purpose of Company is to deliver conveniently products of companies, which it produced and distributed with professional production-marketing and sales teams in Azerbaijani market, to all area-regions and settlements, also remote villages of our country.

    Bollug LTD LLC co-operates with several firms from various countries of the world since its establishment.

    Their products export to Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and other countries. The purpose of Company is to have broader position in the World market.

    Our mission is to integrate the same service to the World market by rendering service in high level to all sales points in Azerbaijani market.


  • Bollug LTD LLC targets to increase more than 500 persons of workers’ number, although it starts to act with 12 persons firstly.

    Company is also to act with production factories supplied with central warehouse, modern production machines, equipments and motor transport means more than 100.

    Our target is to increase professional sales, our quality production turnover, also well-being of our workers and to take high position in Azerbaijani and World market by rendering impeccable service.